I'm Katie Lewis, a writer who has been based in a number of countries around the world, including Canada, Uganda and China. Currently, I live and write in Vancouver, B.C.

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One very odd note stuck on my door

One very odd note stuck on my door

The other day I arrived home and found this note on my front door. In fact, I found three identical notes on all the doors surrounding my apartment. My roomate and I are the only foreigners in the building and it seems there is a need for our services. We laughed pretty hard. They big...

Round and round the courtyard he goes

Every day when I come home, there is a small group of elderly women and men waiting for me outside perched on a strange assortment of chairs that have been rescued from the trash bin. In actuality, they’re not waiting for me, per se, but they are hanging out, drinking tea and occasionally playing checkers...