My top 10 road trip songs


It’s been too long since I’ve demanded you listen to my crappy music. Here we go with the top 10 songs of my roadtrip. These were songs that managed to be played more than three times in my 50 + hour drive.

Road trip music, for me, tends to be totally different than the stuff I normally listen to. And I love that. I can focus far better when locked in a car for 12 hours a day and hence, have far more patience to listen to music that I would often skip through.

1. The WeightThe Band. Despite the bassist sounding like he’s definitely on drugs and unable to play in time (sorry, I went to music school. I’m a beat freak), this song is a must on a road trip compilation.

2. Supernatural SuperseriousR.E.M. I listened to this song when I was worried about falling asleep. It’s hard to do with this song blaring.

3. I’ve been everywhereJohnny Cash. A slightly corny one from the master, but it is the road trip song to end all road trip songs. I actually started listening to all the places and checking off whether I went there.

4. Iko Iko The Dixie Cups. Has been on my playlist thanks to Claire’s dad who passed on a bunch of great new music.

5. Love goes home to ParisThe Magnetic Fields. I’m just really into the Magnetic Fields these days. Nuff said.

6. Handle with CareTraveling Wilburys. A classic in my house. My brother and I used to dance to this as kids.

7. Ain’t no MountainMarvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. No road trip is complete without a little Motown, ya hear?

8. Human The Killers. They’re a little shiny and glitzy now, and what’s with that birds nest on the dude’s jacket, but I played this song a lot of times while stuck in blizzards trying not to die.

9. The Lucky OnesTim Myers. Okay, the fellow seriously needs a haircut (FYI… most girls don’t like greasy long hair long enough to be braided), but the song again keeps me awake.  It makes me feel like I am a six-year-old. A six-year-old that can drive, mind you. I enjoy this feeling.

10. River is WaitingJohn Fogerty. A shout out to my dad’s era, but this song is the perfect one to end a 15 hour day with.

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